One thought on “Importing Audio Files into Dragon for Transcription”

  1. Hi Scott (personal)
    I’m a playwright who doesn’t type. Your work should be a real help to me and I really appreciate what you are doing.
    What engages me most is the personal style of “our conversation”. you seem to be right here, personally coaching me. You have quite a gift. Thanks for sharing it!
    Now, may I offer you a personal suggestion?
    Go with the gentle look of your face type. The ‘literary’ glasses are cool, but personally I feel that a less “rad” upsweep of your hair would balance out your facial proportions nicely.
    I realize that this is a very personal choice, but in my long career as a theatre costume designer, i have had the opportunity of working with a great variety of actors, working with them on the overall look of their personas.
    If I had the opportunity of personally being with you we could try out a number of possibilities, but generally I’d like you to experiment with something a bit more closely cropped with more of a forward or even downward energy.
    Give it a shot. You may discover several looks that work for you.


    Bill Lorenzen ,Florida USA


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